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” There is no heaven on earth … but there are pieces of it “

60 Miles Goa is a 116-acre mega-scale residential community set in Phanasgaon, a secluded green belt, just 60 miles to the west of Goa.

It is surrounded by acres of organically farmed land and forest land. 10 great beaches are close by and the property itself contains four natural lakes. 30 artificial ponds, 108 small temples and deepstambhas will dot the property.

Easily accessible by the NH-17 Mumbai-Goa Highway, 60 miles Goa is just 30 miles away from the upcoming Parule Chipi Airport in Sindhudurg. The Government is deploying large funds in the area on infrastructure like the Coastal Highway.

Bounded by the mighty Sahyadri Mountains on one side and picturesque beaches of the Arabian Sea on the other, 60 miles Goa is also in vicinity to historic forts which bear testimony to the strength of the Maratha Empire.


Iconic Features

  • Birds and Butterflies Garden

    At 60 Miles Goa the creation and maintenance of spaces which support species of butterflies as well as native and migratory birds on the verge of extinction, is a major noble contribution to the ecosystem.
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  • Navagraha Vatika

    A unique feature of 60 Miles Goa – Navagraha Vatika – means a garden of 9 planets represented by trees, bushes and plants with the force of nine planets. Navagraha Vatika energizes the Vastu, keeps people healthy and wealthy and attracts the power of divine energy.
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  • Aqua Springs

    Our 4 lakes and 30 ponds along with the rainwater harvesting will take care of all our needs. Our plan is to replenish the ground water table in the area. Water Conservation is also one of the key guiding design principles at 60 Miles Goa.
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  • Tree Plantations and Organic Farming

    In addition to the thick existing tree cover, more than 25,000 trees will be planted at 60 Miles Goa to specifically attract certain birds and butterflies.As the trees grow, nature will show its color whilst appreciating handsomely.
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